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Wonder Woman 1984 releases on Amazon Prime Video

Marvel girl 1984 turned into the sequel to 2017’s wonder female and taken back Gal Gadot inside the function of the titular superhero. Patty Jenkins again too because of the director. Set in the nineteen Eighties, the DC movie pits Diana towards Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah and Pedro Pascal’s Maxwell Lord. because the DC movie releases on Amazon top Video on Saturday, here are some matters we favored about the film and a few things we did no longer. let’s begin with what we liked.

Wonder Woman 1984 releases on Amazon Prime Video

Action sequences

The film’s starting scene had Diana, as a childparticipating in a complex athletic event on Themyscira against a good deal of older members. She falls from her horse and takes a shortcut, and misses a checkpoint. Robin Wright’s Antiope disqualifies her and teaches a lesson about honesty. The scene becomes breathtakingly properly-shot with notable song and also set the tone for the movie.


With the addition of Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal, alongside the go back of Chris Pine, the film turned into full of outstanding performers, and that they delivered. Pascal, especially, become the highlight of the movie.


you might fault Wiig’s Cheetah for being one-note and no longer as thrilling, but the actor’s overall performance extra than made up for it. Pascal as Maxwell Lord was compelling, horrifying, and greater than the whole thing, extraordinarily human and relatable.

Steve Trevor’s return

even as everyone became glad to peer Chris Pine returning to the role of Steve Trevor, his go back felt forced and did no longer make feel. The writers ought to without problems have made his return feasible without making his soul inhabit another person.

The setting

The 1980s setting additionally did no longer tons make feel. It was visually exciting, yes, but little else. The movie may want to easily have been set inside the 21st century.

The ending

The finishing of the movie felt too convenient. Maxwell Lord granted wishes to a big populace, however when he made them renounce their wishes, things back to ordinary all of a surprise. There must have been a big impact on all and sundry getting what they need, however, no, the movie ended with the entirety returning to the ordinary.


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